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1New artists are on the rise. As indpendent labels and social media increase exposure, expect the greats to show up more often, partially because we are here to acknowledge their greatness

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2Jazz is alive and well across the U.S. and the world. We have exclusive footage of the shows, the artists and fans. Our new Jazz Calendar is in the works. Subscribe now for news updates with upcoming events. Discount alerts for tickets will also appear here.

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3Great events are happening year round across the globe. Our interactive channel comes to you live over the Internet. Find the hottest spots and coolest jazz on your computer or big screen via new channels coming on Hulu, Roku, GoogleTV, Netflix and more.


Jazziz Nightlife - World Class Nightclub Launching in Boca Raton, FL

Must see for all jazz fans


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Capital Jazz Fest

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Columbia, Maryland

Jacksonville Daytime

Including opening performers of the first day.

Jacksonville Jazz 2012

Joe Sample, Classic Jazz


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HD pictures and video play fullscreen on this site. Some we create, some is a provided by our members, both artists and fans.

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Breakout New Jazz Talent

We are always looking to discover the next big thing. Jazz has suffered in contrast to other media formats. It's now time to regain some of the excitement

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VidiJAZZ will meet the stars at the events around the country and share exclusive stories with you the fans

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Our site is actually an online community, or as we know it now a social network. You can communicate with users, find others in your area, organize trips to shows, publish your own videos, post content and more.

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Jazz is more than just music. It reprents a feeling that cuts through the grain of culture and lifestyle. Jazz encourages experimentation and imagination. It syncs to a different groove. As a result jazz people are different. VidiJAZZ will cover the coolest and best that the jazz lifestyle has to offer and the people that make it what it is.