T 16
Capture amazing 13MP shots or full HD video with the T16 using the fast and powerful dual rear cameras. Focus quickly and never miss a shot. Use HDR mode for extended dynamic range for dark shots. Use PIP to capture video and photos using both cameras at once.
  • Dual Color LED Flash 
  • Adaptive Autofocus
  • 5 MP Selfie CAM in Front 
  • 1080P Video Recording
Big Bright 5.72" 
All Screen - Minimal Bezel
Ergonomic design fits firmly in any size hand with no wasted space for the large, bright 5.72” display. Wrap-Around 2.5D edges and rounded corners for a premium design that just feels right in your hand. The thin profile keeps the T16 compact and solid feeling.

Tall is The New Black
Tall Display, 18:9 TALL Aspect Ratio
Thinner Width, Less Edge, More Display, Less Buttons.
Premium Plus Bundle
It's in the Box Already
T16 provides a premium unboxing experience. All the accessories you need are included from day one including the best sounding audio.

Premium Audio
Anker Bluetooth Wireless Earphones
Our customers demand it, so we provide. Other manufacturers feel the need to doctor the original Android in an effort to convince users to buy their phones. Most users now prefer plain old Android.

Protective Case
Transparent Thin Profile
The first thing most users are forced to do with a new smartphone is immediately spend even more money on a case. We think our users should have basic phone protection from day one.
Turbo Charge
No Waiting
Many users wait 3 hours or more for a phone to charge simply because the manufacturer saved a few pennies on the wall charger. At DiMora Mobile we don't skimp.

Micro SDXC Card
Instant Removable Storage
Media files are now larger than ever and removable storage is a must for proper data management. The Premium Bundle includes a 64GB SDXC card in a removable slot that expands up to 512GB.

Pure Android
Android 7
Our customers demand it, so we provide. Other manufacturers feel the need to doctor the original Android in an effort to convince users to buy their phones. Most users now prefer plain old Android.

No Bloatware
Unlocked Google Apps
Google offers an amazing list of apps and games to choose from. The Google Play store is installed right out of the box. Essential Google apps are included to improve your smartphone experience from the moment you turn on the phone.

  • Google Photos
  • Google Maps
  • Google Search
  • Google NOW
  • Google Keep
  • Google Wallet
  • Google PLAY
  • Google Inbox
  • Google Hangouts
  • Google Earth
  • Google Fit
  • Google Chrome
  • YouTube

Triple Memory
Multitasking Power
All your apps can run in the main RAM without the pain of waiting.

32GB Storage
Main ROM
Plenty of room for your apps, games and media. Store photos, movies, songs and much more.

Micro SDXC Card
Removable Storage
(up to 512GB)
More photos, more movies and more songs. We cater to your playlist preference. Use the removable card to backup your entire phone if you like. We don't want to limit you.
8 Cores
HMP - Heterogeneous Multi-Processor
T16 has an amazing CPU that offers high speed and high battery life. Heterogenous Multi Processing allows your battery to last all day. 8 cores means you can have it all with a 3,000 mAh battery can last the day.

Optimized Battery
8 cores means you get mega power on the big cores, and power-sipping low power on basic tasks for optimum power with battery saving. Get the best of all options when you switch to a full 8-core phone- T16 from DiMora Mobile.
Global Distribution
We are adding international distributors all the time. If your country is not on the list yet, it may be soon. Check back with us or sign up for our mail list to get an alert when your country becomes active.
Local Support
Get help when you need it fast. Online community support through forums and user comments. Phone support, email support, chat and online help desk are all at your disposal. Full warranty replacement with a 48 hour turn around.

2 Numbers 
Dual SIM 4G LTE (EU/Asian)
Travel Line 

Add a local LINE2 for any country you travel to and still keep your main number. Answer on your main line plus get low rate local calls.

Personal + Business 

Answer personal calls on LINE1 and keep LINE2 just for business. No more need to carry 2 phones. Simplify your life with both lines on one phone.