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DURO is a bold new line for 2018 with an emphasis on enduring quality and performance in the real world. Large battery plus IP68 waterproof and dustproof will ensure your DURO will perform when it really counts. 
Everything you need, in a phone you can trust. Adrenalin has all day battery life and a military grade Kevlar enclosure. Sculpted beauty on the outside; IP68 water, dust and shock proof on the inside. No case required.
DMX is an elegant, slim, 2-line phone with the power and features many times its size. Smooth glass back and metal sides only begin to define it. See it now !
InnoV4 features the modern OS Android 7. No phone in this class offers 2-line, dual SIM and 512GB expandable storage at this price. Great design, curved 2.5D glass.
Global Distribution
We are adding international distributors all the time. If your country is not on the list yet, it may be soon. Check back with us or sign up for our e-mail list to get an alert when your country becomes active.
Local Support
Get help when you need it fast. Online community support through forums and user comments. Phone support, email support, chat and online help desk are all at your disposal. Full warranty replacement with a 48 hour turn around.

2 Line Dual SIM
Dual SIM means your phone can have 2 different carriers and 2 separate numbers with 2 unique ring tones.

In areas where one mobile service may be weak, Dual SIM enables you to switch to another with the stronger signal in that region.

Eliminate the need to carry a second phone for business. Dual SIM lets you add an additional business number on line 2.

Continue to use your original number on the first SIM and connect to local service in your travel destination the second one.

Unlimited Removable Storage

Never run out of storage space on a DiMora Smartphone.

Removable Micro SD Storage Cards enable you to save, store, and access everything you love directly on your smartphone. That means more pictures, longer movies, and no more deciding what is important enough to keep. 

High resolution photos and HD Movies require more storage space. DiMora Mobile allows you to save all the entertainment you want and access it anytime you need.

Other companies limit how much you can store on your phone. While they charge you extra to save those irreplaceable photos and videos, DiMora Mobile provides real storage freedom. 

Get a Smartphone with unlimited storage with a fast, removable Micro SD Card from DiMora Mobile.

Enduring Quality & Power
DiMora durable phones use better materials and stronger waterproof, dustproof enclosures. No case required. It's a rugged world and you deserve a durable phone that's built to last.

Other companies lower quality and limit your phones potential resulting in cracked screens and crippled power forcing you to upgrade.

DiMora smartphones feature stronger batteries that last longer. Don't get caught with a dead phone when you need it most. Get a full day of power from a single charge.

Demand more with DiMora.